Transit Publishing is an independent publishing company interested in both fiction and non-fiction. Our distribution network is international, focusing on the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. We publish books simultaneously in both English and French and are actively pursuing books with crossover potential. 

Our interests are broad and include biographies, mysteries, thrillers, commercial fiction, literary fiction, and health-wellness books. 

Transit welcomes unsolicited submissions, but please do not send whole manuscripts. If we are interested, we will request it at the appropriate time. Every submission to Transit should provide the following: 


  • Working title
  • Detailed summary
  • A sample chapter
  • Projected word count
  • If unfinished, estimated date of completion of the manuscript 


  • Working title and subject area
  • Detailed summary or outline
  • A sample chapter if available
  • Projected word count
  • Estimated date of completion
  • Related expertise
  • Published works in the area
  • A discussion of the sources you are using to produce your manuscript


  • A brief biography of the author, including education, professional background, publication history, and, for nonfiction, why you are qualified to write this book.
  • Any other details that may help our evaluation of the commercial potential of your book, including market analysis of similar works, potential competition, and uniqueness of you book.

Transit does NOT charge fees to review manuscripts or proposals  

The average time required for review of submissions is about three weeks 
Please e-mail your manuscript or book proposal to us at

Or send it by regular mail to: 

Submissions Editor

Transit Publications

279 Sherbrooke Street West


Montréal (Québec)

Canada H2X 1Y2 

We look forward to hearing from you!