Pub. Date (U.S./Canada): February 28, 2011
Number of pages: 313 Pages
ISBN (Canada): 978-1-926745-25-1
Trim Size: Paperback
Format: 6 X 9 inches
Category: Crime Novel
Canada: $17.95
USA: $16.95


Blood for Blood
Gipsy Paladini

by Gipsy Paladini

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A gripping detective novel, Blood for Blood follows two New York police officers on their bloody hunt for serial killers of old men. Inspector Al Seriani, a veteran officer with a tortured soul who prefers the company of street prostitutes to his boys in blue, is partnered with David Goldberg, a rookie cop fresh out of the academy. As the murders mount, an enigma grows: all the dead men share an old, dark secret. Why are they being killed? Is this murder or cold-blooded justice? Despite his brutal and extreme methods, Inspector Al Seriani seeks the truth behind these terrible crimes - no matter what it takes.


This stylish and breathtaking mystery is a forceful, adrenaline fueled thrillride with non-stop action and excitement. Set in New York City during the turbulent 1970s, this novel has the dark tones characteristic of film noir and features vivid imagery and graphic violence. With a world-weary cynicism worthy of Raymond Chandler and its stunning atmosphere, this debut whodunit echoes the best classic detective fiction. Blood for Blood may well become the undisputed modern successor of ‘hard-boiled’ American crime stories.

Blood for Blood offers:

  • Gritty and intense realism that seizes and holds reader attention
  • A multi-layered mystery full of suspense and sensational plot twists
  • Inventive, fascinating and unforgettable characters and situations


Blood for Blood is a page-turning tale about cold vengeance and unfinished legacies of the 20th century – a time of global conflicts when long-held conceptions of human morality, supremacy and innocence were shattered forever . . .

About the Author

Born in eastern France in 1976, Gipsy Paladini started discovering the world at sixteen. She traveled throughout Europe and the United States, staying in seedy youth hostels among drug dealers and addicts. Gipsy later moved to Los Angeles and continues to travel between France and Brazil with her husband, a Brazilian police officer. Blood for Blood is her first novel.