Pub. Date (U.S./Canada): March 28, 2011
Number of pages: 224
ISBN (Canada): 978-1-926745-71-8
ISBN (U.S): 978-1-926745-71-8
Trim Size: 6x9
Format: Trade paperback
Category: Mystery, Detective, Thriller


Canada: $17.95 CAD
USA: $16.95 USD


The Great Heist
Kenneth Del Vecchio

by Kenneth Del Vecchio

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In 1969, the first Apollo spacecraft landed on the moon, a feat that solidified the United States as the world's leading super power. Today, the President, in a bid for a second term, has promised her nation a modern-day lunar landing. Her problem: the Apollo missions were faked. It is physically impossible for humans to survive a trip to the moon.

Nevertheless, desperate to demonstrate an achievement in space travel, the President enlists the aid of infamous action filmmaker Dylan Travant, a man she recently tried to assassinate. Dylan's job is to shoot another phony moon landing, just as his father had done decades earlier.President and Dylan, however, share a mutual nemesis - and obstacle - the charismatic, superstar U.S. Senator, Mitch McAvoy. Challenging the President to a primary battle, Mitch and his father, wealthy banking entrepreneur General Early McAvoy, wage a brutal, crafty political war. Interlaced with Mitch's cross-continental campaigning of social and economic issues, he treks across the world to settle a family (and professional) vendetta with Dylan, who has transformed a patch of Afghanistan into the President's moon. All the while, Karina Kelly, Mitch's beautiful fiancée and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, is uncovering information that may destroy the President's plans and expose Dylan as a fraud.


What ensues is an international roller coaster ride of political deceit, thievery, heroism, sex and scandal. Government bosses, film stars, CIA operatives, media moguls, war lords and the Vatican's highest, simultaneously enter the fray. They kill, but they also save. In this suspense-filled thriller of changing identities and mass manipulation, it's the faked lunar landings that may determine the fate of so many. But this great government and Hollywood hoax isn't The Great Heist - for there is much more to be stolen than the moon and that can't be allowed to happen.

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About the Author

The New York Times, in profiling Kenneth Del Vecchio’s Renaissance Man accomplishments, wrote: “As usual, Mr. Del Vecchio was larger than life.” Kenneth Del Vecchio is a critically acclaimed filmmaker, who has written, produced and directed 15 feature films that star 50+ film and TV stars, including multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees. He has recent distribution deals with industry leaders such as Palisades Tartan Films, Universal’s Vivendi Entertainment, Anchor Bay and E-1 Entertainment, with several other large distribution deals underway. Mr. Del Vecchio is founder and chairman of one of the world’s largest film festivals, Hoboken International Film Festival. He also is the author of some of the United States's bestselling legal books, including criminal codebooks published by Prentice Hall and New Jersey Law Journal Books/ALM, and works of adult fiction. In addition, he is the owner of The Criminal Law Learning Center, where he has taught thousands of police officers and lawyers…And he is a former Judge, who also has tried over 400 cases as a practicing criminal attorney.

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