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Pub. Date (U.S./Canada): June 2010
Number of pages: 337 (+18 color photos)
ISBN (Canada): 978-1-926745-33-6
ISBN (U.S): 978-1-926745-33-6
Trim Size: Hardcover
Format: 6 X 9 inches
Category: True Crime, Biography, Pop Culture
Canada: $25 CAD
USA: $25 USD


The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith
Judge Larry Seidlin

by Judge Larry Seidlin

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Anna Nicole Smith first became famous as the 1993 Playboy Playmate of the Year. She later married octogenarian billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 63 years her senior. When he died without naming her in his will, Smith sued to inherit, alleging Marshall had promised her half his fortune, or $800 million. From then on her life was lived out in the tabloids as the public followed her court cases, wildly fluctuating weight, and all-too-obvious substance abuse. Marshall’s family fought her claim. In a complex series of legal twists and turns, the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which in May 2006 affirmed Smith’s right to sue.  


A little over six months later, Smith died of an overdose of prescription drugs, shortly after her 21-year-old son Daniel died under similarly mysterious circumstances. Only Smith’s infant daughter survives. The televised inquest into Smith’s death enthralled millions.  


In The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith, his first book, retired judge Larry Seidlin unveils the truth behind one of the most-watched courtroom proceedings in television history. Based on eyewitness accounts, trial transcripts, and confidential files, his three-year, in-depth investigation reveals what really happened to Anna Nicole Smith.

About the Author

Former Judge Larry Seidlin, born May 24, 1950, in The Bronx, New York, is a man devoted to serving justice. He graduated with a B.A. from Hunter College, earned his J.D. from the University of Miami school of Law. In 1978, at the young age of 28, he was elected as a judge. He has won many professional awards, including Crime Stoppers Judge of the Year. He is now a popular lecturer in many colleges throughout the U.S and offers his judicial knowledge and opinions on many TV shows, such as Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and on Fox News.